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Luxury Handmade Kids Fancy Dress Costumes | Lucy Locket

Children love fancy dress and the chance to let their imagination run away with them! Choosing dressing up costumes for your kids is equally as fun!
If you are looking for costumes that are designed and made to last you are in the right place. Each Lucy Locket Costume is handmade in our factory and carefully checked, so you can be confident that your kids can pull it out of the toy box and play with it again and again!
Each costume has lots of design detail so you can be sure you are getting something a bit different and something very special! Embroidery, applique, sequins, beads… It’s all in the details!
Have a look through our fabulous collection of dressing up for Girls, Boys, Toddlers and Babies… From Princesses and Fairies to Pirates and Knights there is plenty to choose from as well as styles for 1 year upwards!